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Considering adding artificial grass to a property in Surrey, West Sussex or London? Crawley’s Slade Landscapes Ltd has you covered. Working with fantastic products from one of the country’s best in class manufacturers, Easigrass, we ensure perfect implementation and an end result that exceeds expectation.

Easigrass develops artificial grass systems that are uncanny in their resemblance to real grass, and are 100% designed and manufactured here in Britain. They’ve been extensively tested to ensure they’re safe for children and pets, and when we say they’re unparalleled in quality, we aren’t exaggerating. In fact, they’re the only products in their class which have obtained a Gold Medal Award from the Royal Horticultural Society.

We help clients reap the benefit of a low maintenance surface which doesn’t sacrifice the natural charm of real turf. Artificial grass can be the centrepiece of your landscape gardening scheme, giving you a green and vibrant lawn that will stay that way all year-round, even through the harsh winter months.

While our landscapers most commonly install artificial grass in residential gardens around Crawley, West Sussex, Surrey and London, it’s also ideal for schools, colleges, sports fields, parks and playgrounds, and is tough enough to withstand this kind of usage.

Worried it’ll be difficult to incorporate artificial grass within your current landscape gardening layout? Don’t fret. Our landscapers have extensive design experience and can ensure you maintain the aesthetic unity and character you’ve worked so hard to foster, marrying it with existing features such as driveways, paving, patios, fencing, decking and brickwork.

Looking for a total overhaul? Our landscapers can work with you to develop your ideas, using inspirational material found online, in magazines, or totally original concepts straight out of your head! These are some of our favourite projects we deliver in Crawley, West Sussex, Surrey and London.

Artificial Grass – Transforming Your Garden

There’s a reason why lawns continue to be such popular centrepieces in landscape gardening schemes. On a lovely spring or summer’s day, they’re lovely to walk on, play with pets or children, and generally use to soak up the atmosphere in your little slice of peace and tranquillity. But the amount of work that goes into cutting, feeding and weeding lawns to keep them looking their best can be off putting, and many lack the time or disposition to do it properly.

This is where artificial grass shines. Ideal for both front and rear gardens, artificial grass is ready and waiting for you all year-round, come rain or shine. No mowing, and little maintenance – simply a brush to get rid of fallen leaves, as and when required. Easigrass products are especially realistic, and are known for being hardwearing and long-lasting. Slade Landscapes handle every step in their implementation, from lifting up an old lawn, to preparing the sub-base so the artificial grass can be laid in. We’re a one-stop solution.

Ideal for Children and Pets

Another great reason for switching to artificial grass is because you have your children or pets in mind. No more mud being traipsed through the house. An advanced filtration and odour-control system that keeps the surface fresh and pleasant. A hardwearing surface that deters digging. Resistance to pests and allergens that be a nuisance at best, and potentially even dangerous.

These are just a few of the characteristics that make artificial grass ideal for customers in Crawley and the wider South East who wish to tailor their landscape gardening approach to their children and pets.

To recap, Easigrass’s fabulous products provide the following benefits:

  • It’s low maintenance; you can spend more time out enjoying your lawn, and less time caring for it
  • Artificial grass isn’t “one size fits all”; there are different surfaces that are right for different properties, different uses and different approaches to landscape gardening
  • You don’t need to totally transform your garden if you don’t want to; it can be laid around existing driveways, patios, pathways and garden fencing
  • It’s non-slip, making it safe for the elderly and disabled, as well as children and pets zooming around
  • The amount of water that’s saved in keeping your garden healthy lends artificial grass a certain level of ecological clout
  • No dull patches, no uneven hew; you can always set your watch by artificial grass! It’ll always look its best
  • A great option for homes, businesses, schools, colleges, parks, playgrounds, events, exhibitions and roof terraces around Crawley and the wider South East

Have any questions about artificial grass, or want to obtain a free, no-obligation quote? Call our friendly team of landscapers on 01293 972 086. All Easigrass products come with manufacturers warranties, alongside our full five-year installation guarantees.

Maintenance Services

To complement our installation service, we now offer a full maintenance service for all artificial grass installations, even those we haven’t ourselves laid in. Visiting once a year, quarterly or on a one-off basis, we can help you keep your artificial grass in fine shape as the years roll by. Our landscape gardening team will visit and:

  • Brush up the lawn to spruce up the pile
  • Lift up airborne weeds which have taken root in the lawn
  • Reapply kiln-dried sand or repair surface damage
  • Apply dog and child-friendly cleaners to rid you of bad odours and staining

Here’s our price list, based on areas of 50m²:

One-Off Visit – £188.00 including VAT

Quarterly Visit – £155.00 including VAT

Monthly Visit – £98.00 including VAT

Keep in mind that if you bring us in for a one-off visit, then decide to have us visit on a quarterly or monthly basis, the overcharge will be credited back to you, counting toward the overall cost of the contract.

Have a query about artificial grass, or wish to obtain a quote? Contact our Crawley based landscapers at your earliest convenience on 01293 972 086.