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Driveways, Paving and Garden Fencing in Redhill | Key Installation Benefits

It makes sense that any change to your landscaping theme, be it the installation of a new driveway or the construction of garden fencing, should offer a few benefits. Our landscaping company, from Crawley, builds good relationships with its Redhill customers by understanding their needs. There’s always a good reason to need, say, garden paving or artificial grass.

We like to understand those reasons, and to build our designs around them so we can deliver bespoke finishes that Surrey and West Sussex homeowners will go on to show others.

Your recommendation really matters to our landscaping company. Naturally, we want to build business in the Redhill area anyway, and to lay more new driveways, more garden paving and more artificial grass. But we want to build the best of relationships with our next wave of customers too.

To do this, we have to deliver on quality, service and care at all times, even with small jobs like garden fencing repairs. By bringing more benefits to your home or business, we hope to turn you into a Slade Landscapes customer for life.

Garden Paving and Patios

So, what are the benefits of a garden paving installation? Well, having somewhere stable to stand makes it safer to get around the garden, particularly for elderly people. During the autumn and winter months, a pathway can help to keep our shoes clean, and stops us traipsing mud into the house.

A nice garden paving installation also catches the eye and adds its own kerb appeal to a Redhill property.

With a patio, you gain a valuable addition to your indoor living space, somewhere you can gather family and friends to socialise, or to spend time alone reading or catching the sun.

New Driveways

Like garden paving and patios, new driveways add kerb appeal to Redhill properties, more so with a material such as block paving. But they also give homeowners a safe place to park, away from passing cars and the risk of accidental damage, and safe from the potential threat of opportunist vandalism too.

There’s also less need to worry about the daily fight for a parking spot when you get home from work or from the shops.

One added benefit some of our Redhill customers don’t expect is a fall in car insurance premiums. Park on a new driveway and your insurer will usually give a discount on premiums.

Garden Fencing

With a new garden fencing installation from our landscaping company, you can clearly mark the boundary of your home and create a visual barrier that keeps other people off of your property. Taller styles, such as close-board and lap-panel, deter opportunist thieves and make your home more secure.

And, if you have nosey neighbours or live close to a busy road, garden fencing can add a welcome layer of privacy.

Some homeowners in Redhill have children and pets. One of the biggest benefits to fencing is containment. A good fence can protect both from passing traffic and other unwelcome risks.

Artificial Grass

For most of our customers in the Redhill area, artificial grass means three things: less cutting, less weeding and less feeding! But for others, a low-maintenance surface is just a residual benefit. Take, for example, the elderly, who might not be able to tend to a traditional lawn as the years go by.

Artificial grass leaves them free to enjoy their garden space, without any upkeep, when mobility might be an issue.

Our installations, from Easigrass, have a safe surface and we lay them using advanced filtration systems. This means our artificial grass is 100% safe for children and for pets.

We could spend an age telling you about the benefits of using our landscaping company but then, we might not get as much done as we usually do! We’d much sooner be out there with you, our valued Redhill customers, laying new driveways, erecting garden fencing, or putting down the sub-base for garden paving, a patio or an artificial grass installation.

Because that’s we’re at our very best; with you.

We look forward to meeting you, and to making you another satisfied customer in the Slade Landscapes portfolio.

Call our landscaping company on 07728 310072 for services in Redhill. We specialise in new driveways, garden paving and artificial grass.

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