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If you plan on creating exciting new space in your garden, or maybe giving it a complete makeover, it is always beneficial to our landscaping company if you have a few ideas of your own. We can help you to design a new driveway or a garden paving installation, or to transform your lawn with top-branded artificial grass. Slade Landscapes Ltd can even construct garden fencing to add privacy to your home.

Horsham is a key service area for our landscaping company, located in Crawley. We never start a job without carefully planning the design but, to achieve the best possible results, it helps if our inspiration comes direct from the customer.

Understanding where you can benefit from our services, and knowing when to opt for something more innovative, will help us to turn your landscaping aspirations into a stylish reality that you and your family can enjoy all year round.

Finding Good Information

Even if you only have a few basic ideas of what you would like our landscaping company to achieve, we can still make things happen. Think about the area you want us to work with, and how you would like to use it. Get some ideas from horticultural websites, or from magazines which focus on the home and garden. Above all, think about how different features might impact the style and practicality of your Horsham property.

Will garden fencing create far too much shade or make you feel closed in? Will garden paving or a new driveway take away too much greenery? Will artificial grass look as good as the real thing, or will a quality brand have a positive effect?

Choose your informational sources carefully and wisely.

Try to Self-Design

There are many ways to plan a theme for your Horsham garden without having to rely completely on a landscaping company or a designer. Take an evening course at a local college or study online. The internet has an almost limitless number of resources you can use to design outdoor space around your personal preferences. Make a few freehand drawings or, if you have the knowledge, have a go at using CAD design software.Most importantly, look at books where you can see previous garden paving and garden fencing installations. Our own eyes are the best tools for determining what we like, and what we don’t. We advise you to trust your own hunches completely.Spread your creative wings. We’ll be there to help you fly.

Get Help from a Professional

Most homeowners in Horsham can spare a little time to work on their own garden design but, in a busy age where time is at a premium for us all, we don’t always have any spare to get down to the local garden centre to check out materials for a new driveway, or for an artificial grass installation. And, of course, some people just lack the eye needed to recognise what they like about a garden or what they need from it. Slade Landscapes Ltd is here to advise you on everything from site clearances and groundworks, to garden paving and fencing.

We’re a trusted landscaping company with an exceptional eye for detail and a proud record in the field of garden design. Use us to plan your outdoor theme with confidence knowing we can cover everything from planning through to completion.

Project management is one of our many service benefits.

Call our landscaping company on 07728 310072 for services in East Grinstead. We specialise in new driveways, garden paving and garden fencing.

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