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Garden Fencing in East Grinstead, Horsham and the Surrounding Areas

Would you like to add another layer of security to your property and reduce the threat of intrusion? Do nearby homes and the constant movement of passers-by leave you feeling exposed? Does a busy road near your home stop you from enjoying your outdoor space with children and pets? A garden fencing installation from Slade Landscapes Ltd could resolve one or all of your worries in just a single visit.

Our landscaping company, from Crawley, is a garden fencing specialist for all surrounding locations in Surrey and West Sussex. East Grinstead, Horsham and Redhill are key service areas for our dynamic and hardworking team.

We also undertake fencing repair work, perfect for making your property secure again after periods of high wind. Slade Landscapes also performs garden fencing replacements. Choose from a wide range of panels and fencing styles, which we can supply and install with either concrete or timber posts.

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Customers in Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham, Redhill and the surrounding areas can choose from the following:

Close-Board Fencing

Also known as featheredge garden fencing, this is a robust style that is perfect for adding extra privacy and security to a home. Fitted vertically using tapered boards to create a solid fence, this design comes in individual boards, or in pre-constructed panels to make the installation work easier.

Close-Board fencing is also suitable for boundary marking.

Lap Panel Fencing

One of the most popular garden fencing styles, and another option that’s ideal for extra privacy and security. Cut straight from the tree, this fencing still has bark on one side, which is waned, and a square edge on the other. The boards overlap slightly to form a solid fencing panel.

This value-for-money choice is also great for boundaries.

Picket Fencing

Also referred to as palisade fencing, the picket style is much more for decorative use, or for marking boundaries, than it is for privacy or security. It is also a good choice for homes in Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham and Redhill which might need basic containment to protect children or pets from traffic.

This garden fencing has an open slatted design.

Decorative Fencing

There are many different types of decorative garden fencing, the most popular of which have lattice or horizontal weaves. The wide choice of styles means you can always find something for added privacy or security if needed, but you’ll have more flexibility if you want to add some flair to your garden too.

Decorative fencing is also suitable for marking boundaries.

Our landscaping company only uses pressure-treated fencing of a high quality. Because the treatment penetrates deep into the timber of our garden fencing, it resists rot and fungal decay superbly. This means you won’t have to treat the panels yourself, but you’ll still benefit from a reassuringly long warranty. We guarantee all installations for five years.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment and an obligation-free quotation, anywhere in Crawley, East Grinstead, Horsham or Redhill, or elsewhere in the Surrey and West Sussex areas.

Call our landscaping company on 07728 310072 for garden fencing in East Grinstead, Horsham, Redhill and all areas within a wide radius of Crawley.

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