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New Driveways, Fencing and Artificial Grass in East Grinstead | Developing a Landscape

Have you recently bought a home with an overgrown garden? Does your outdoor space lack that much-needed kerb appeal? Would a new driveway stop the nightly fight for a parking spot? With Slade Landscapes, you can have your garden transformed by the most imaginative, dynamic landscaping company currently operating in the East Grinstead area. From garden paving to garden fencing and more, our team does it all.

If you have design ideas for a low-maintenance landscape, we can also lay you an artificial grass surface from Easigrass.

By choosing the right elements for a hard landscaping theme, you’ll gain benefits that add functionality, kerb appeal and property value. Buyers looking at homes in East Grinstead often lean towards those which need very little in terms of extra work. If a home already has garden paving, garden fencing or a new driveway installed before you put it on the market, it’ll instantly grab the attention of buyers.

And that’s before they see the inside for the first time.

Add an artificial grass installation into the mix and, with even less maintenance to worry about, you could have a sale in the bag at a buyer’s first glance. If you don’t want to sell your home, services from our landscaping company can make it more enjoyable for you, or for your family, instead.

Garden Paving and Patios

Develop your hardscape with garden paving installations in a choice of traditional flagstones, block paving, porcelain, granite or Indian sandstone. We cater for all ends of the market so, if you have a little less to spend, our landscaping company can still perform an installation of superior quality.

Garden paving makes it easier to navigate your outdoor space.

Add a patio to your East Grinstead property at the same time, and you’ll also have a practical area for wining, dining and socialising, or for just sitting out in the sun.

New Driveways

With the back of your home sorted, let’s move onto the front. Slade Landscapes is a specialist in new driveways. Again, we can work with a wide range of materials. We offer a complete design, groundworks and installation service, which means you’ll never need to worry about hiring extra contractors.

Our business owner stays on the job 90% of the time.

A new driveway gives you somewhere handy to park away from the risk of vandalism and accidental damage. Some customers in East Grinstead even end up paying less for car insurance.

Garden Fencing

Define the perimeter of your property with the right choice of garden fencing. Our landscaping company can construct close-board and lap panel fencing. These styles work well for marking out boundaries, but they have the added benefits of making your East Grinstead home more private and secure.

Close-board and lap fencing also protect children and pets.

If you have a more decorative garden fencing style in mind, we can construct picket fencing or, if you prefer something even more ornate, fences with lattice or horizonal weaves.

Artificial Grass

More homeowners than ever before, including many in the East Grinstead area, use artificial grass instead of natural turf in their gardens. Our landscaping company is a proud supplier and installer of Easigrass, an award-winning system and one that has already earned the Gold Medal Award from the RHS.

This is a low-maintenance product of superior quality.

Artificial grass stays clean, is safe for the children to play on and, because Easigrass has an advanced filtration system, the pets can use the surface for their personal business too.

Our landscaping company already has an excellent reputation in East Grinstead, and in all surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas. We guarantee the workmanship on new driveways, patios and garden paving for 5 years. The top-branded materials we use on our installations, including those from Marshalls and London Stone, come with their own manufacturer warranties.

We only use pressure-treated garden fencing.

And, for artificial grass, we know that our choice of the Easigrass brand is one that our customers genuinely value. Call Slade Landscapes on 07728 310072 for a first-class service, high-end workmanship and bespoke finishes which turn ordinary landscapes into something truly special.

Call our landscaping company on 07728 310072 for services in East Grinstead. We specialise in new driveways, garden paving and garden fencing.

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