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Fencing and Garden Paving in Crawley | Answering Your Questions on Hard Landscaping

Ok, so maybe it isn’t a new driveway you need, but we have to lead in somewhere! In truth, we can add so much more to your creative aspirations than just driveways. It might be garden paving or garden fencing that tickles your fancy, or one of our award-winning artificial grass installations. Whatever it is that your property needs, we are here to provide it.

Slade Landscapes Ltd is a dynamic landscaping company from Crawley with services available across Surrey and West Sussex. Our hometown is just one of many key service areas for us.

Here, we answer some of your most frequently asked questions about our hard landscaping services.

Is your landscaping company experienced?

Yes. We formed in 2017 so, as a business entity, we’re still evolving. We have an evolving team too, but that’s not to say we don’t have experience. In fact, we have more than 14 years of combined time in the hard landscaping sector. This is more important than the age of the landscaping company itself.

We bring that experience to properties in Crawley with the intention of bringing your creative ideas to life.

Which materials do you use for garden paving and patios?

We can use traditional flagstones, if required, but thin riven materials don’t have the same quality or strength as a premium product. For the best results, we recommend that you have garden paving laid using block pavers from Marshalls, or in granite or porcelain from a supplier such as London Stone.

We can also lay Indian sandstone to create a unique surface for your Crawley home that nobody else can replicate.

Why should I consider a new driveway?

If you find it hard to grab a parking spot at night, or if you live on a busy road with passing traffic that continuously clips wing mirrors, your car would be much better off on a new driveway. And you will too, in your pocket, because your insurer charges you less when you park away from the roadside.

You’ll also be safer from opportunist vandals and car thieves on a new driveway, especially if your Crawley home has CCTV.

Will garden fencing make my home more secure?

Yes. Garden fencing isn’t just a way to mark out property boundaries. A taller close-board or lap panel style will make it more difficult for would-be intruders to see inside your garden or through windows. Tall fences aren’t easy to climb either so trying to scale one could easily attract attention.

Garden fencing will make your Crawley property more secure, and it also helps in making homes feel more private. Our landscaping company also fits timber or concrete posts.

Does artificial grass look fake?

In years gone by, yes, but our award-winning artificial grass looks incredibly natural and performs like the real thing. The latest products from Easigrass have state-of-the-art filtration systems that easily withstand the added demands of playing children, family pets and adverse weather conditions.

Artificial grass is a low-maintenance solution that leaves our Crawley customers with more time to enjoy their gardens.

Can I place a new driveway or garden paving over utilities?

If you choose block paving for a new driveway, or for a garden paving installation, you’ll never need to worry about major uplifting when it comes to utility works. A tradesman would only need to lift out the pavers where the utility lines or pipework run, much less hassle than with concrete or tarmac.

And, done carefully, it is easy for a landscaping company or a contractor to put the same block paver back down into their original positions afterwards, and to repoint the surface.

Do you take garden fencing down to lay artificial grass?

This will very much depend on the current layout of your Crawley garden. There will sometimes be things we have to move or uplift, but we advise our customers to think of artificial grass as carpet. More often than not, we can work around permanent obstacles and cut to the closest external edge.

It is unlikely we would have to move your garden fencing at all but, if we do, we replace everything properly afterwards.

Call our landscaping company on 07728 310072 for services in Crawley. We specialise in garden fencing, garden paving and artificial grass.

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